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Computational Combustion Modeling  /

Combustion-Generated Pollutants  ​/  ​​

Atmospheric Soot  ​/

Thermal Radiation in Combustion  / 

Multiphysics Interactions in Combustion  /

High-Performance Computing

Fuel & Ignition Chemistry /

Reactor Modeling / 

Model Predictive Engine Control /

Bayesian Diagnostics /

Global Sensitivity Analysis

Multicomponent Droplet Vaporization and Combustion /

Combustion & Gasification of Solid Fuels /

Pore-Resolving Simulations  ​/  ​​

Biosolids Pyrolysis


The Combustion Systems Labs at Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) are home to advanced research in the areas of fuels, engines, particulate and gaseous emissions, pyrolysis and reactive porous media. The labs are directed by three faculty members (Allen, Roy, Singer) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering who collaborate on projects with partners that include local industries and municipalities.



Major Facilities & Resources

Engine Test Cell: 100 hp AC dynamometer + Diagnostics + Fast Controller

Rapid Compression Machine

Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spec-TCD-FID

Thermogravimetric Analyzer

High-Performance Computing Cluster (96+ Intel Xeon Compute Nodes with Infiniband Interconnect)

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